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Mostly used on online games.
Muling is the process where an experienced player of an online game gives items or money to a new player (most commonly a friend) to help them get started in the virtual environment.
Thus making this new player much better than anyone else who like him has just started.
a.k.a twinking
Friend 1: I'll give you some rare items and money so you can beat other new players.
Friend 2: Isn't that muling?
Friend 1: So....?
by lVlouse August 14, 2006
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A regional (Swansea) term for extremely ugly or not very pretty. Usually applies to the female of the species but can also apply to men or objects.
That bird you pulled last night was muling.
by Ianto Davies May 02, 2008
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The complaining noise a mule makes during stressful work.
A cross between a whinny and a bray.
(Old-English style threat from a recent popular film)
“I wont touch Barton. Not until I make him kill you. Slowly, intimately in every way he knows you fear. And then he’ll wake just long enough to see his good work. And when he screams I’ll split his skull. This is my bargian you muling quim. ”
by Geedud May 04, 2012
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The act of having sex which makes you look like Yossemite Sam trying to ride a camel.
I called Cee last night & he didn't answer the phone...He must've been MULING again.

I hear moaning in the next room, they must be muling in there!
by Davebny August 23, 2007
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to cycle around concluding a series of small drug deals with the ultimate intention of paying josh and/or scoring some gwaan to aid the enjoyment of F-Geezy
wheres boons, i've got the new series of FG and pastas on the stove

He's muling it

I should have known
by Lorenzo January 17, 2005
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Muling, or to mule, is the present tense of half-assing something in a way that will likely lead to an inevitable failure. to put minimum effort in completing a certain task despite the method's obvious flaws.
i might be muling this by just stacking a bunch of random objects, but i'm sure i can reach that light.

a mule is half horse, half donkey(a.k.a. an ass) so to half-ass it, is to mule it.
by greendiamond March 09, 2014
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To stop individuals from successfully making a loaner in the game of Euchre.
*In a game of Euchre*

- Person A: Ok, I'm going alone on Diamonds.

- Person B: Ok, I'll lead with an Ace of Spades.

- Person A: Damn, that was my only weakness!

- Person B: Haha, I just muling'd you.
by ASL September 01, 2005
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