1) A "race" created by one white parent and one black parent. They are instantly given a higher place in life by both races, seeing as how they combine the traits of one race that the other desires, meaning they have the "best of both worlds." They are admired for their beauty by both races (although more envied than admired by Blacks).

But it should be noted that one parent's racial traits may outnumber/dominate the other parent's traits completely, therefore making it harder to distinguish mulattos from being "just" black or "just" white. In my opinion, the 50/50 combination produces the prettiest mulatto children.

They look great, but any mulatto would tell you about their conflicts of "belonging". Even though they're pretty much their own race, most are still obligated by society to be on "one side or the other." But the unwritten rule is whichever racial trait is more dominate equals the "side" they "belong" on. Also, most mulattos really dislike the word mulatto. Therefore, the terms mixed, or bi-racial are considered more appropriate (despite the inaccuracy of the term, because "mulatto" is the only term used to describe one with a black and white parent). They also hate the term gray, (which is also more accurate).

- - - - - - - - - -

Best known features of Mulattos include:

a) Different colored eyes (grey & green are the most common, but I have seen blue, hazel not that often)

b) "Good" hair (hair that is not stringy like Whites, or nappy like Blacks; long, luxuriously dark, curly hair; this may also include darker, fuller eyebrows & eyelashes)

c) "Better" facial features (the high-cheekbones, "perfect" nose, and fuller lips that are desired by both races)

d) "Perfect" skin (lighter skin is still highly valued in the Black community, and even though most mulattos are only slightly darker than whites, their skin still has the pigment that prevents them from being easily sunburned)

And there you have it. Mulatto people...Just remember that mixed is the more appropriate term...Or bi-racial.

- - - - - -

2) Proof that white women love black men, and white men love black women.
(male parent/female parent)

1) A list of some celebrity mulattos (who have black/white parents only)

Nicole Ari Parker - actress: (50/50)
Vanessa Williams - actress: (mulatto/black)
Alicia Keys - singer: (black/white)
Derek Jeter - baseball: (black/white)
Grant Hill - basketball: (black/mulatto)
Karyn Parsons - actress: (white/black)
Lenny Kravitz - singer: (white/black)
Smokey Robinson - singer: (white/black)
Tahj Mowry - actor/Disney kid: (white/black)
Vin Diesel - actor: (white/black?? but not even HE knows for sure)
Corbin Bleu - Disney kid: (black/white)

2) Also look at TV commercials featuring kids. In commercials featuring Blacks, most of the children are mulattos. In commercials featuring token blacks, the token blacks are mulattos. Especially on the Disney channel.
by PS, I'm Black April 19, 2008
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A person of mixed ancestry. Most commonly used to refer to people of both African and European ancestry. It has been used in early American history to refer to the children of Native Americans and Europeans as well. This later usage has fallen into disuse.

In Latin America and especially Brazil, the female version, mulata has come to be used also to refer to a beautiful woman of afrodescent, irrespective of level European admixture.

The Etymology of the word comes from old Spanish for little mule. Mulato or muleto means little mule, just like jabato means little jabali (Boar).

Some people have erroneously claimed that Mulatto comes from from Muwalladin in Arab.

The Muwallad theory encounters certain problems when compared to a timeline of usage and definition. The term mulato is documented in the data bank of the Real Academia Española (Spanish Royal Academy) for the first time in 1472. It states "The term mulata is documented in our diachronic data bank in 1472 and is used in reference to livestock mules in "Documentacion medieval de la Corte del Justicia de Ganaderos de Zaragoza", whereas muladí (from mullawadí) does not appear until the XVIII century, according to Corominas". Another problem with the Muwallad theory of origin is that Muwallad is not phonetically similar to Mulato. Mu LAH toh vs Mu wah LAD. The theory of Muladí a later derivative of Muwallad (Plural Muwalladin, shortened to Muladí) was based on some similarity with Mulato in writing. But even there, Muladí has a stress on the last vocal, while Mulato doesn't. Mu lah DI vs Mu LAH to. Neither by timeline comparison or phonetic comparison can we see any valid evidence for this claim.
Esa mulata se mueve como que esta candela.
That mulatto woman moves like she is on fire.
by Otorongo July 10, 2008
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Mulattos, is a person who's half black and half white.
Many mulattos feel them self most belonging to either black or white, and have often conflicts with them selfes about it.
Including me, cuzz i'm also mulatto.
There's many mulattos in latin america, and many african americans are not mulatto but many is mixed long back.

Other words for mulatto is at other;

Bi-racial and mixed.
And celebritys liek Terrence Howard, Alicia Keys, Corbin Bleu and Sophie Okonedo are mixed.

Mulattos are ussually very beautifull, got the best of both worlds.
"My daddy is black, and my mother is white, so i'm mulatto".
by Mulatto Girl November 07, 2010
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A person who is of mixed blood/heritage/genetics/etc. Basically, America as a whole are Mulattos or "muts" mixed breed. There is not such thing as pure or 50/50 anything. Every individual, especially in the Melting Pot of America has varying degrees of a "ethnic group", races don't exist, just varying degrees of genetic difference that appear and go "recessive" in our genes through generations of interracial cohabitation through human kind. Which is why you can find blonde hair in middle africa and some slant eye groups in eastern european.
But mostly mulatto is a "black/white" mixture in American terms.
Paul is a mulatto, but after doing his Genome data by a Professional, he's 60 percent east asian.

Human Kind is one race... the human race. Get use to having more than just Black or White in your genes, Hell, Henery Lewis Gates, look like any of my relatives form Louisiana, but he has mito/DNA that matches irish blood generations back. Do your research Americans and deal with the ethnic consequences. enjoy your discoveries like I have.
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010
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An offensive term used to describe a person who is usually half black and half white. Some say it was first used offensively in the slave days when children were born to slave owner and slave. Derived from the word mule, meaning 1/2 donkey, 1/2 horse. Sometimes defined as white with anything added to it. Again a very offensive term to interracial people.
"Ignorant example"- Hey see that girl there, her mom is black and dad is white, I think that makes her a mulatto.
by Cherry January 02, 2004
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a half black person or light skin black or brown skin black. Mulatto is now considered a racist tem.
Light skin blacks and brown skin blacks were also considered mulattoes. Dark skin blacks were considered negroes. Negro is now considered offensive.
by QueenAfrica June 24, 2009
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The term "mulatto" is widely considered a derogatory term nowadays. It was coined during the slave trade era. It stems from the word "mule". A mule by defintion is half horse and half jack ass. Guess who was thought to be the jack ass back then? We all know who the jack ass is today. Power to my people!!!!!
Be a Halfrican and be P.C.! Calling yourself "mulatto" is the African American equivalent to the "N" word.
by Chuck Bizzle October 07, 2006
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