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A black prep isn't any different than any other "american individual" who dresses in the fashion of Preppy Americana Style. I.E (Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Martha's Vineyard Clothing, etc) A Black Prep, is just a minority of the American population who dresses in said above fashion, normally in the south, more pastel or bright colors are to be worn, as a male black prep and a southerner, I prefer the above clothing paired with a college fitted baseball cap, or quoddy mocs with no socks.
They don't always have to come from money. But, to afford most of these clothing a steady income form the parents or self is stressed. Also, Prep is more of a upbringing and a combo of some form of monetary gain. Needless to say, you don't have to own thousands of cars/vacation at the "right" spots to be preppy. Preppy is a fashion statement as well as a way of life, but the latter in my opinion is more about "class" how you carry yourself (good moral/social conduct),good finances(no debts/well credit/generous account)manners(important in the South),college degrees or higher education/FULL employment(mostly white collar jobs (but this varies) depending if the earnings are above national average.Modesty is key, never brag about your upbringing.
Girl 1: "Jasmine is cute, oh, she's a black prep, doe's she vacation at Martha's Vineyard like the other kids from "Our Kind of People" the book by Lawrence Otis Graham? LOL
Girl 2: "That's not true, her father works for the Pentagon and her mother is a school teacher. They're not even Jack and Jill, though, they are respected in their community, live in a posh neighborhood and work for every dime, think they are the American dream like most of the U.S in those regards."
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010

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A Gangsta, is a individual, who is a low life, and regardless of their "circumstances" or "upbringing" still participates in a "gangsta" lifestyle and or behavior. You can not sugar-coat gangsta as a epitome of American living or a badge of honor. It's a disgrace to our Society as a whole and to mankind, when one breaks laws for simply doing so, "introducing" others to said lifestyle...like many gangsta do to up quota into their groups. Degrading women, violence, all these things take a tole on our morals, and not to mention our educational system and economy with High Rates of Crime resulting form gangs, and or "gangstas" and the lives that are destroyed in the process. A gangsta is less than human, a de-evolution in morality and human intellect.
Shugg Knight, C-Murder, Young Buck, these are rappers who went to jail rightfully for doing horrific crimes and paid the price for their idiotic gangsta behaviors.
Other examples are Al Capone, mafias, other crime families, an syndicates around the world, recent Mexican Drug Cartels, all of these an terrorists included are Gang mentality driven individuals who are violent monsters that should be locked away. gangs are scrum.
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010

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Thug and Gangster, or "gangsta" as the kids spell it, is not different than any other word for a Hoodlum or street urchin, thief, etc. Thug, in proper context is a degenerate and someone who disregards the law or moral code for monetary or social gain. represents the worst part of society when not checked. Thugs may be "placed" into this type of life by "circumstances" above there own, but ACCOUNTABILITY at a certain ages is usually a wake up call to future actions. If that said individual beyond the age of 18, continuing in a "thug" manner is no fault but His/or her own. This is America and there are schools, trade schools/after school and weekend programs for just about every facet of young adult life that can keep most kids off the street, the few that continue do so under their own will, they only have their selves to blame and us taxes have to foot the bill to keep them in and out of prison.
There is no excuse to be 'thug' in 21st century North America, this lifestyle has been glamorized too much in Rap/Teen and Urban mainstream music and media. Honest Hard work, good upbringing or good morals can be obtained by most Americans, this is from a 26yrold Black Male. Be a Positive and not contribute to the aimless negative of society.
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010

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A person who is of mixed blood/heritage/genetics/etc. Basically, America as a whole are Mulattos or "muts" mixed breed. There is not such thing as pure or 50/50 anything. Every individual, especially in the Melting Pot of America has varying degrees of a "ethnic group", races don't exist, just varying degrees of genetic difference that appear and go "recessive" in our genes through generations of interracial cohabitation through human kind. Which is why you can find blonde hair in middle africa and some slant eye groups in eastern european.
But mostly mulatto is a "black/white" mixture in American terms.
Paul is a mulatto, but after doing his Genome data by a Professional, he's 60 percent east asian.

Human Kind is one race... the human race. Get use to having more than just Black or White in your genes, Hell, Henery Lewis Gates, look like any of my relatives form Louisiana, but he has mito/DNA that matches irish blood generations back. Do your research Americans and deal with the ethnic consequences. enjoy your discoveries like I have.
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010

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