1. A cool last name.
2. An unsuccessful tennis move, where you hit the ball through your legs.
3. A street name like dawg.
1. Another word for stupid.
1. Acting like Matt Mui
1. His name is Matt Mui.
2. He tried to pull a Matt Mui unsuccessfully and hit his "family jewels."
3. "Yo Mui-ster," said mdawg da pranksta.
1. Dexter the wankster tried to act mui, by saying, "yooo mota....sooo fat....she juump fo joy...annnnnddd...she got stuck...daank u."
1. He is mui-ing around the school, trying to act like Matt.
by mnms21188 December 5, 2004
A really fat ass person who cant stop eating.
1. Man shes so mui the back her neck looks like a package of hotdogs

2. Shes so mui when she fell over, she rocked herself to sleep tryin to get back up again

3. Shes so mui her cereal bowl must come with a lifeguard.
by David Chun May 11, 2004
a girl with a big head and lots of hair, sort of like cousin it
damn did you see that mui! mad hairy!
by yo yo yo October 30, 2003
1. Spanish adverb equvalent to "very"
2. Slang term used by homosexual white people?
1. puertorriqueno #1: Como era ella?
puertorriqueno #2: Uf! Ella pestaba como una pesca.
2. mmm... I've never heard this one before.
by Ashitaka February 25, 2004
Ultra Instinct (身み勝がっ手ての極ごく意い Migatte no Gokui, lit. "Key of Egoism")23 is an extremely powerful transformation that is obtained through the completion of Ultra Instinct, far surpassing the Ultra Instinct -Sign- form.
That guy just reached the MUI
by MUI Raimi June 14, 2018