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A beautiful young individual who knows what she wants in life... very good in bed and a amazing kisser.. only when it comes to tongue tho.

Very funny and can be considered a funny friend. An extrovert and an introvert at the same time.
Dude where we're you last night?

Him: I tapped a mufaro

:ohhhhh dude you soon cool
by radcar12 June 14, 2015
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Mufaro is funny nice loving caring the most humble & most unappreciated person ever. People take mufaro for granted & don't really notice everything he does good and when he does achieve people (especially his parents) are as quiet as a mouse but when he fails or does something bad people broadcast the failure or sin.
Mum: Who broke the window
Everyone: IT WAS MUFARO!! (When mufaro actually did absolutely nothin

by mufaro . k May 14, 2017
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