When there is no favorite team (both teams are considered to have an equal chance of winning the contest) the 'point spread' is a 'PK' ('Pick' or 'pick'em') in which case there is no point spread. In a 'PK' you may wager on either team to win risking $110 to win $100. If the team wagered upon wins, your wager is a winner.
-"whats the point spread?"
*"there is none, it's a pick em"
by x February 1, 2004
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When neither team is favored. Also called a "pick" in sports betting terms.
The odds on Giants v San Francisco, is a pick-em.
by usmc65 January 18, 2012
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the way that a redneck, usually one that hails from the Southern United States, refers to their pick-up truck. The added "'em" is the addition of Southern dialogue to the general name of a common type of truck, and usually makes the person driving appear to be of low intelligence
Cletus: Its a darn tootin fine day here in Mobile, Alabama.

BillyJoe: sure is Cletus, its mighty-fine. Wanna go for a ride in my fancy Ford F-150 pick 'em up truck?

Cletus: Yeeeeeeeehaw lets go!!!
by BossMan94 July 26, 2011
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Means, getting drunk, and doing Ectasty and/or LSD.
"last night, i went to a party and i was all like droppin' sticks, pick 'em up!, i should maybe lie down for awhile."

"Damn, did you see that girl, she was dropping sticks at 10 AM, then, later that night, she picked them right the fuck up!!"
by rosscoe philiac July 11, 2008
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to walk !

response from a young, darker pigmented human after being asked how he would get to "big game"
magoo! , how you getting to the game ? magoo: "picking 'em up, laying 'em down ! "
by michael foolsley March 29, 2021
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