a cult that will eventually commit suicide if mtv tells them too because it will be the cool thing to do.
mtv generation retard #1: Hey guys look Carson Daily just hung himself on live tv.
mtv generation retard #2: If Carson Daily did it, it MUST be cool.
mtv generation retard #3: Yeah, dude lets go it's what all the in crowd does.
by awesomerness man July 8, 2004
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1) What our grandchildren living in caves and mud huts will write in books as the cause of the end of the civilized world.

2)Anybody born after August 8th, 1981. 90% of these people have been guided to life by shows such as road rules and the real world. They will listen to anything MTV tells them to listen to, and buy anything MTV tells them to buy. The End of free will. Led Zeppelin will still live in our hearts though, the one of the last bands before the music died.
-Side Note: Nirvana somehow managed to cause a short break in the MTV generation, but MTV planned an assination of Kurt Cobain. People still think he committed suicide.

It's sad, because I'm a part of this generation, and I can see what MTV did to my friends. Its so hard on a person like me.
by MTV get off the air! July 13, 2005
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I guess im sadly a part of this generation, but where not all retards who are dictated by whats "cool" on crapTV (mTV), most of my friends dont even like mtv or the "music" thats on there for 1 hour a day.
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by Mam August 28, 2004
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mtv generation is our generation
baz lurmens romeo and juliet film was changed to suit the mtv generation
by dani c January 5, 2004
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MTV is some scummy TV company who want to pump slime into you ears and eyes until money oozes out of your pocket into theirs.

It is pathetic drugery for loosers with no capacity to think or act on their own.

MTV generation is marketing hype made by MTV themselves, what a better way to market themselves than by getting people to say that anyone born in the 80s is "MTV generation", scumbags they are.

MTV is synonymous with anal mucus.
Look I've got no brain, checkout my MTV skillz, as I slob around with my latest trend fashion clothes and live my fake life as a clone and consumer, jumping though hoops and taking crap from the media.
by diatribe April 1, 2004
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A term used to describe a generation who grew up under a continuous influence of TV (mainly those who were teenagers in the 80s). These kids watched a lot of MTV in particular, hence the name. The term "MTV generation" has a negative connotation to it, because it originated in part as a result of a generational gap. The older generation's skepticism towards the Big Unknown--the TV, helped coin the term. Now, as television gradually gains cross-generational acceptance, the term "MTV generation" is becoming obsolete, since we no longer feel the need to put down those who like to watch TV. What's interesting is that the initial skepticism towards TV is still present in our minds in the form of Mini Guilt that accompanies us every time we watch TV. Indeed, noone wants to admit it, but we all like to watch a "little bit" of TV. And if anyone suggests that we like watching TV, we either vigorously object or automatically deny it.
The older generation's loyalty towards the Tried and the Old and their skepticism towards the New fueled a series of unjust accusations towards the TV "maniacs" (the MTV generation).
by krysia July 7, 2004
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A brainwashed generation raised on MTV that like whatever's shoved in their faces, and are not affected by anything.
Look at those MTV generation kids singing along to Good Charlotte and not getting affected by all teh pron they saw when they were 3.
by Seenus September 2, 2003
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