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1) What our grandchildren living in caves and mud huts will write in books as the cause of the end of the civilized world.

2)Anybody born after August 8th, 1981. 90% of these people have been guided to life by shows such as road rules and the real world. They will listen to anything MTV tells them to listen to, and buy anything MTV tells them to buy. The End of free will. Led Zeppelin will still live in our hearts though, the one of the last bands before the music died.
-Side Note: Nirvana somehow managed to cause a short break in the MTV generation, but MTV planned an assination of Kurt Cobain. People still think he committed suicide.

It's sad, because I'm a part of this generation, and I can see what MTV did to my friends. Its so hard on a person like me.
by MTV get off the air! July 13, 2005
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