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A term used to describe a generation who grew up under a continuous influence of TV (mainly those who were teenagers in the 80s). These kids watched a lot of MTV in particular, hence the name. The term "MTV generation" has a negative connotation to it, because it originated in part as a result of a generational gap. The older generation's skepticism towards the Big Unknown--the TV, helped coin the term. Now, as television gradually gains cross-generational acceptance, the term "MTV generation" is becoming obsolete, since we no longer feel the need to put down those who like to watch TV. What's interesting is that the initial skepticism towards TV is still present in our minds in the form of Mini Guilt that accompanies us every time we watch TV. Indeed, noone wants to admit it, but we all like to watch a "little bit" of TV. And if anyone suggests that we like watching TV, we either vigorously object or automatically deny it.
The older generation's loyalty towards the Tried and the Old and their skepticism towards the New fueled a series of unjust accusations towards the TV "maniacs" (the MTV generation).
by krysia July 07, 2004

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