spongebob's driving instructor. really cute. doesn't like to about mr. puff.
mrs. puff, i guess she's married.
whatever happened to mr. puff?
she doesn't like to talk about it
cutscene to puffer fish lamp
wow i guess that's personal
by The-real-cobra-queen September 5, 2019
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A teacher who can stand the dumbest kids ever. Can also be used as a verb (as in "pulling a Mrs.Puff)
"Dude, she pulled a Mrs. Puff when Jimbo asked a question she just answered."
by Not John Doe April 10, 2015
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A teacher who can’t function as an adult. They should be fired, but aren’t because the school never does anything.
Person 1: hey! Lets cook Mrs. Puff’s Idaho potato!
Person 2: Yeah! Lets do it!
by Noneofyourbusiness011201 September 19, 2019
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A man that likes to eat booty
Person1 hey what’s up Mr Coco Puffs

Person2 stop calling me that I don’t eat ass
Person1 that’s not what the girl you got with said
by WhatsHerFaceeeeee May 3, 2018
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mr puff is a marshmallow man he is dating the best girlfriend grayson he always face times hallie and erin
geez i wish i was mr puff
by efreman December 31, 2016
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taking a paper towel roll and stuffing it with dryer sheets then use it to blow weed smoke into it to not let your house small like loud
pass Mrs Puff imma toke inside today
by Oppopuss July 31, 2021
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