a short, rude, sassy, ocd english teacher who doesn’t tolerate any sound during a minute of silence. she is very nosy and yells at all of her students!
student 1: oh em gee mrs. Lee is so mean
student 2: ikr she always barkin at me
by ur.mom101 November 15, 2021
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Everyone's freindly neighbor who happened to have his belongings stolen from his house by hamburglar, the character from mcdonalds. No one knows where he is now...
Ex.) Don't leave your house door open, you'll end up like Mr. Lee.
by kingwazza10 May 14, 2011
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Who will smile at you when he knows you are fucked up by his math quiz
"No requiz." said Mr Lee
by 3L students June 26, 2022
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The main man. The OG. The "Chief" of Mt Pleasant high school band. Our lord and savior. The man with the plan. Mr Lee.
Mr. Lee is the OG
by sgore October 22, 2019
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