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when a woman places a man's nuts in her mouth and gently hums. What a feeling!
I was gonna fuck her, but I decided to just let her hum a nut.
by flingshot January 25, 2005

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If you disclose anything bad about your life, a person with Oprah Winfrey Syndrome will say they had it happen to them too. One day a guest on the Oprah show disclosed being sexually molested Oprah disclosed that it had happened to her too. Another day a guest disclosed using Cocaine, and Oprah said she did too. I'm not saying that Oprah and other's with this condition are lying, but they always seem to have a story of hardship that is equal, if not worse, than the one you just told.
here is an example of the Oprah Winfrey Syndrome

Suzy: I don't know what I'm going to do I just lost my job.

Pam: Girl, I just lost my job too, and I found out I'm not eligible for unemployment!
by FLINGSHOT September 20, 2013

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an insult, used to imply that what another person said was extremely weak or stupid. similiar to saying, "get the fuck out of here".
your homey says yo lets go get some chronic from lil mike. you reply, "move out!- you know that mike's weed ain't shit. "
by flingshot January 25, 2005

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Rare last name belonging to one of the greatest families in America. Members of this family are known for excelling at what ever they endevor to do. As a result many companies now say that they are having their "Spring Fling" when they wish to advertise something that is exceptional.
once again, company "-" is having it's Spring Fling"
by flingshot January 26, 2005

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