So extremely pissed off that your face turns red, smoke comes out of your ears and you go almost insane
Dave: Hey John what happened?
John: Bill took the last can of soup out of the cupboard.
Dave: That sucks.
John: Yeah, I was hotter than a jacked off mountain lion on a hot tin roof
by 1 redneck15 February 24, 2011
A mountain lion hunter is a male, who specifically targets older less attractive females. Not to be confused with a "cougar hunter" (a man who hunts older yet seemingly attractive women). On the surface it may appear this man lacks finese in his approach. Simply looking for easy sexual targets...

However, their objective isn't always sexual gratification. Often his agenda can be more sinister and calculated such as looking for a mountain lion that will provide financial security or career advancement.
I can't believe boned that Mountain Lion, Tim really is a "Mountain Lion Hunter".
by STEVEN WITH A "PH" February 1, 2018
A woman in her 50s or older trying hard to score younger men while pretending to be younger than she is ie. The next stage of being a Cougar
Its 2am and there's a Mountain Lion on the hunt... She's out for mount'n younger men and lie'n about her age... a Mountain Lion.
by Incorrigible_66 October 4, 2021
An euphemism for Making Love, because they share the same abbreviations: ML
Jim: How much you have a Mountain Lion?
Tracey: None of your business
by Sir. B September 11, 2020
50% mountain dew 50% pink lemonade, lots of ice and a squeeze of fresh lemon ideally drank out of a bendy straw

sends a tingling rush of cool refreshing bliss throughout your body
bf: hey baby can i get you something to drink?

gf: yes, get me a Mountain Lion.
by magsmen77 November 11, 2015
An attractively seductive older Man who prefers younger woman. He’s the Man who doesn’t lose the swagger and multiple divorce papers as he ages, much past His deflated dusty prime. He’ll steal your girl like Hugh Jackman and pass her on to Johnny fucking Sins. He’s the silver fox, the Ron Swanson of men, the Matthew Mcconaughey of Boy’s . He has that Letter Kenney/Red Green tongue the will chirp harder than four girls and two Milf’ s currently in his bed. He’s got money like Jordan Belford, and can last longer than Viagra mixed with 5 Hour energy. And Godammit he’s a veteran.
Did you hear about the new history teacher?

He’s such a Mountain Lion
by Dr. Benjamin, Dufuk Dover October 14, 2020