motherloving is the same meaning as motherfucking a non vulgar and non offensive alternative used in anger frustration and surprise when motherfucking is not appropriate or unwanted
my kitchen sink drain backed up and had to be snaked what a motherloving mess that made
by littlejimmie April 2, 2019
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1) one who loves his friend's mother... quite literally, in fact.
2) the solution when you forget to buy your mom a Mother's Day gift.
3) the sequel to SNL's "Dick in a Box," starring Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake.
"I'm a motherlover, you're a motherlover, we should fuck each other's mothers, fuck each other's moms."
by lrob84 June 7, 2009
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Refers to the song ‘Motherlove’ by Bea Miller

It’s supposed to be like “i’d rather lay in bed and fuck myself” but we had to be slightly more clever about it and decided on motherlove to imply motherfuck u - Bea Miller.
Don't call me just because you have nobody else
I'd rather lay in bed and motherlove myself
by GeniusBB February 27, 2018
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motherlover a non vulgar non offensive alternative to motherfucker when profanity is not acceptable or unwanted
dude wheres my candy money owe me motherlover

man i dont owe you any candy money if i did i would not give it to you motherlover
dude youre such a wiseass you motherlover
by littlejimmie April 1, 2019
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I'd rather lay in bed and motherlove myself.
by amyperalta February 24, 2018
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son of a motherlover a non vulgar less offensive form of son of a bitch when calling someone a son of a bitch is inappropriate or unwanted
i told my neighbor not turn his dogs loose in my yard to do their business that son of a motherlover did it any way what a son of a motherlover
by bluebear September 14, 2021
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