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There is no fork either. See spoon
See this fork? It's not there, there is no fork you dumbass.
by theGreenBunny May 23, 2003
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Jealous in shorthand/1337/whatever. See jealous.
<Guy1> woohoo I just found a bag of money!
<Guy2> bastard
<Guy1> ooh you = jelus
by theGreenBunny March 11, 2004
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Small, fuzzy rodent. Mostly black, white or brown, sometimes green. Highly aggressive.
"C'mon, pat the bunny!" 'Aaaargh! It bit my finger off!'
by theGreenBunny December 29, 2003
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Male person running around wearing nothing but some eagle or jaguar mask and swinging a lenght of wood with sharp pieces of obsidian in it.
No wonder the spanish beat the crap out of them.
Aztec Warrior: "Die Spanish pig!"
Spanish soldier: *BLAM* (kills aztec warrior dead)
by theGreenBunny May 23, 2003
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The one thing Communists fight for. See Russia.
Russian soldier: FOR THE MOTHERLAAAAAAAND! (in russian of course)
by theGreenBunny February 24, 2004
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Referencing an indefinite amount of time, often using soon. In a typical 'lombardi', soon references a timeframe ranging from a couple of days to more than a year.

Derived from the name of Valve Software's Director of Marketing, Doug Lombardi, whose definition of "soon" seemed to stretch several centuries.
Doug Lombardi: It will be released soon.
Unsuspecting gamers: Yay!
*a long time passes*
Unsuspecting gamers: Still nothing? Ohnoes, we've been lombardi'd!
by theGreenBunny September 17, 2004
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