To be severely fucked, used especially when describing the state of a device, piece of software, location, establishment, or a situation.
I think my laptop is motherfucked.

The IRCd: it's motherfucked.

This hotel is motherfucked. There's a dead hooker in the bathtub and I'm pretty sure I saw some bedbugs.

Spidy it's motherfucked.
by echicken June 14, 2011
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To strongly curse someone for actions one finds unsatisfactory, inapropriate, or rude.
Rick motherfucked Dale for not doing the paperwork.
by Beard December 23, 2005
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Much like the term fucked, this implies being screwed, in that shit is about to hit the fan for you. Motherfucked implies that the situation is far more grave.
"Oh man, Jimmy owes Johnny 400 bucks and isn't gonna pay it back"

by Virtue July 6, 2005
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Is defined as a man that will do anything and everything to get the “End results”. A man that is willing to burn down bridges to light his Motherfucking way. A man that protects what he loves especially his beautiful wife Rayeann Garcia and his three beautiful daughters Anissa Rae, Angelica Rae, Isabel Rae. A man that says we shall finish the game. A man that is relentless to get to his goals and dreams especially his “hearts desires” A man unlike any other man He is everything she never knew she always wanted This Motherfucker is Just a little too much for Rayeann to handle . A man that brings cloud 9 into his reality this motherfucker knows Who he is & what he is. This motherfucker makes movies scenes come to life. This Motherfucker walks up to the edge of the Cliff And jumps in free fall saying “I am going to figure shit out on the way down” This Motherfucker say’s “Girl I am for Real” This was once said to the girl I fell head over heels for while on the phone with her 200 miles away and as her door bell rang she received a bundle of Roses with a card saying “Girl I am for Real”and she is Rayeann Motherfucking Garcia. The one that keeps me grounded when I’m about to fly away. & I love to Fuckin Fly
My Husband is This Motherfucker he just knows what a Real Man needs to do. Steven Garcia you are truly the man I wish I Met first in my life you make me believe I can do anything
by Rayeann’s Motherfucker February 14, 2021
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Anything you must put next to the goddamn. Certain Chief Gunner's Mates in the US Navy have developed the ability to transform the English language so that expletives are transformed into nouns.
"Where do you want this, Chief?"

"Just put the motherfuck next to the goddamn."
by fugitive October 1, 2004
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A common slang derived most popularly from a form of "yo momma jokes" but actually dating waaaay the hell back to the 1300's when it was considered the highest sin to sleep with ones own mother. (Even above murder.)

It can mean precisely as it sounds, one who has sex mothers, but it was originally meant as "one who has sex with their own mother".

It is most of the time used without meaning, just to be said in a sentence, it can mean absolutely nothing and absolutely everything its meant to at the same time.

Also is used constantly to denote someone is a moron, a trife, a back stabber, and any number of other completely unrelated meanings.
"You motherfucker! how could you!"
"What the motherfuck is going on here?"
"Motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfucker...!"
by andrew October 28, 2002
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Used to denote someone with whom you may have a personal problem.
"English, motherfucker, do you speak it?" -Samuel L. Jackson
by Mike McW October 22, 2007
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