"That's an important message. Why don't you post that on the motd board?"
by kainaM_ediciuS June 4, 2003
Match of the Day, a British football (soccer) TV programme.
by Ian Chode June 5, 2003
The daily message you may get from rearviewmirror on your cell phone.
Hey... I haven't gotten a MOTD for over a week now... WTF?
by TPSer April 5, 2006
Here's my MOTD. (Post a picture )
by SillyOneSmiles November 19, 2016
In the game "Call of Duty Black Ops II" there's a map in the zombies side mode called "Mob of the dead". A map based off of a real alcatraz escape twisted to fit the game. Playing as four gangsters the players must somehow break the cycle. Of course since Mob of the Dead easter egg or Mob of the Dead guide. People have just shortened it to MOTD.
John: "Hey Jim wanna play some MOTD later tonight?"
Jimmy: "Of course, what easter egg are we doing?"
by InfraredFred February 22, 2021
Money off the drugs
I get my motd
by Burger sauce April 21, 2016
A sexual position (basically doggy) both facing the TV, so you don't miss Match Of The Day
Babe, let's do MOTD position, Arsenal are on.
by EllsBells June 10, 2015