Person from Panama, a highly developed latino country which connects Central and South America together. Majority of those in America are of West Indian ancestry being their ancestors immigrated from islands such as Jamaica or Barbados to build the canal. Country as a whole has a strong Caribbean culture fused with their latino identity. Originators of Spanish Reggae. Proud people that party hard and are extremely friendly. Many times flip words in slang ie "Que Sopa!?" for "Que Paso" (translation: Whats Up!?)
Ruben Blades is a Panamanian American. Most Spanish people know him for his song "Pedro Navaja"

Panamanians love going to Carnival, eat arroz con pollo, and drink Abuelo rum
by RenesitoIII August 23, 2012
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One of the most modern country in central America. Over 90% of the population can read and alot of people speak enlgish. Some of the most educated central american people. I would say infact the most. We dont come from the Tortilla Taco tribe...
Are you guys going to Panama to do some banking.
by tom June 23, 2004
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A style of bikini wax that removes more hair than a traditional "bikini" but not as much hair as a "brazilian."
1. That chick had a sweet Panamanian going on down there!
2. I don't want to fly as far south as Brazil, but I'm down for a trip to Panama.
by Lupita December 13, 2005
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A group of people that dig wholes in the ground in order to connect bodies of water
Hey can i get a panamanian to install my sprinkler system and bulid me a pool
by jamp612 May 31, 2005
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The act of inadvertently releasing the contents of your rectum upon the undercarriage of your scrotum
Dude I totally just gave myself a Panamanian pumpernickel during lunch
by Dank sauce November 11, 2013
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After a blowjob, before she can spit, take your hands and cover her mouth and grab the back of her head and shake until she swallows.
She tried to snowball me, but i gave her a Panamanian Shakedown instead.
by NFO Hijinx October 6, 2010
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