The act of getting the MOST out of a situation with a lady friend. Instead of having sex you just Make Out Suck Titties
Jack: Did you and Rachel have sex last night?
Bill: Nah man she wasn’t feeling it, but she was ok with mosting all night!
by master moster July 8, 2018
to do the most; to cross the line
You're mosting with that one.
by John Fifita June 13, 2007
to telecommute using VOIP or voice over IP (such as Avaya or Vonage) so that the telecommuter appears to either be in the office or other nearby location because the VOIP service provides a local caller id when the telecommuter calls even though, in fact, the telecommuter is not in the office or other nearby location
Even though Peter spent the day at home, none of his colleagues realized that he was telecommuting because his VOIP service allowed him to make phone calls where his office phone number would show up as the caller ID. Peter was mosting.

Alt: Even though Luis lives in Paris, Luis uses Vonage with a local Los Angeles phone number and caller ID so all his clients believe that he's in Los Angeles. Luis is mosting.
by Thomas Watson September 22, 2007
1. to overexaggerate or over react.
2. when a person, place, or thing is negatively more than what was expected or can be tolerated.

Origin- Kat from VH1 Wedding Wars, 2011.
Stepping on the girl's foot may have hurt her, but for her to pass out is the most.
by UrbanDictators March 20, 2011
When someone or something is so extra, they are the most.
She is doing the most with her whore outfits.
by landonj November 1, 2010
To love more then mostet
I love you mostes
by rpoirier9807 May 14, 2019
Mosted: noun; a dating technique that’s a subclass of ghosting. Instead of completely disappearing after a short period or one night stand, the moster deeply engages with the victim, becomes very invested and appears to be very I retested in them before disappearing completely. Also see: asshole, scumbag, piece of shit.
That son of a bitch took me to his sister’s wedding then mosted me.
by ronisgenius March 28, 2018