Mosted: noun; a dating technique that’s a subclass of ghosting. Instead of completely disappearing after a short period or one night stand, the moster deeply engages with the victim, becomes very invested and appears to be very I retested in them before disappearing completely. Also see: asshole, scumbag, piece of shit.
That son of a bitch took me to his sister’s wedding then mosted me.
by ronisgenius March 28, 2018
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When someone comes at you strong with the feelings and affection then ghosts out.
1: “He got mosted.”

2: “Ghosted?”
1: “No, they went out for a while, she played super into him then just vanished. Girl Gone.
by DeerSantaCruz June 5, 2019
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1. to overexaggerate or over react.
2. when a person, place, or thing is negatively more than what was expected or can be tolerated.

Origin- Kat from VH1 Wedding Wars, 2011.
Stepping on the girl's foot may have hurt her, but for her to pass out is the most.
by UrbanDictators March 20, 2011
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To love more then mostet
I love you mostes
by rpoirier9807 May 14, 2019
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When someone or something is so extra, they are the most.
She is doing the most with her whore outfits.
by landonj November 1, 2010
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Its when you or some you know is over acting or being loud, acting stupid, crying when the situation does not call for it and or being annoying,Often when people are singing in a group like a choir there is always that someone in the group that has to be loud and wants to be heard and seen .
"Omg yesterday I went with my friend from school to the mall, and she saw her ex-boyfriend there with her best friend" "what OMG what happened" " Girl you know! she was yelling and screaming at him in the middle of the mall, and everybody could hear, and they were watching. She was being the MOST, I was so embarrassed for her "
by princeweho September 28, 2013
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something really cool, top notch. usually said in a playful or joking fashion.
"how sweet of you to make a mix tape for me, youre the most."
by Amy Christ April 30, 2005
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