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The main protagonist in the early 1880's novel, "A Heart Among the Heartless," Stephen Palgrave was a poverty stricken british man during hard times who had to choose between having his heart cut out by a corrupt doctor, or forfeit the life of a foster child he had never seen before. The story, being mostly accurate in historical nature, takes a rather fictional turn for the worse when Satan, the Devil himself, sends demons to murder the evil doctor. The story ends gruesomely with Stephen adopting the mystery child, but losing his heart.
"It's your choice, Stepehn Palgrave, I need a heart, I need a heart among the heartless."

Dr. Heiss, "A Heart Among the Heartless."
by MontBlanc February 11, 2004
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Those annoying little insects that give you "boo boos."
Little Jimmy was bit by a musquito.
by MontBlanc September 18, 2003
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To deliver something to a house.
I asked where to bring the couch, she said "Take it to the house."
by MontBlanc September 21, 2003
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What to say after making a witty observation at someone elses expense.
"Nice braces there, assface! HOO HAA!"
by MontBlanc September 17, 2003
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Geeky/Nerdy kids who wear long sleeve shirts or coats no matter what the temperature is.
"The sleeves are talking about anime again."
by MontBlanc September 12, 2003
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