Some black guy who keeps on getting hatecrimed proper by Agents in the matrix
Oh looky here, Morpheus is getting slapped about again
by Ultros August 12, 2003
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A file sharing program, rarely used because there is Kazaa. It was made to replace napster but failed because they started making people pay
by CHPhater February 14, 2004
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A dangerous individual with a trenchcoat fetish. Also a vampire-wannabe.
Morpheus feeds on the blood of the living

Morpheus: I get aroused by trenchcoats
by Dev-Null March 27, 2003
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to win booze olympics he needed to step up his game and get morpheus
by Kirsten Reich May 19, 2008
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for whoever has a lil bit more of culture(i mean, 0.0001% of americans), morpheus is the name of the greek god of sleep. pretty useless info. now, if u watched the matrix u know who morpheus is, right?
still don't know who morpheus is? go watch the matrix, buddy!
by my name? take a guess... December 16, 2003
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Hes that guy that thinks Neo is the "one". I think. He beats people. But usually he is the one getting his ass kicked. Haha. Likes trenchcoats.
"Morpheus gets his ass kicked a lot."
by J.Lew July 3, 2003
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Morpheus is the god of dreams and plays the same part within the matrix etc.
as u no he is a dreamer in the matrix and so he is in greek mythology they also made a drug after him which is cool cause not many people can boast about being named after a drug aka morphine
sleep well my child morpheus will protect ya or u can kill hi as he is a pussy fighter in the matrix
by rob July 20, 2004
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