When curiosity and common sense collide: Enquiring further about a subject when you know you really don't want to know the answer
"You would not believe what we did last night in the bedroom"
"I really don't want to know, but morbid curiosity has got the better of me..."
by J-Cutter October 27, 2007
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Kick ass Death Metal band formed in 1983 in Tampa, FL. Known as one of the pioneers of the genre and one of the best bands ever. Creator of the albums "Altars Of Madness", " Blessed Are The Sick" and " Covenant", the best Death Metal albums fuckin ever.


Trey Azagthoth - Guitar
Pete "Commando" Sandoval - Drums
David Vincent - Vocals, Bass
Example of lyrics by Morbid Angel

Lord of light
I will swarm against you now
Gods perverse
Wickeds at my side
Thorns to lance your every word
Now I crown you king in pain

Taken From "Day Of Suffering" (Blessed Are The Sick)
by El Crispi March 02, 2008
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something what you know you don't like and is disgusting/scary but you can't help but watch.
Morbid Fascination:
Giovanna plowman tampon video is gross, and may make you feel sick, but you can't help but watch.
by PC Plod September 21, 2013
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something horrible or morbid in the written word, on film, or in an image, that explains itself in a way you can understand and/or appreciate. creating something horrible or morbid that is not simply to shock, scare, or disgust people.
Some of Edgar Allen Poe's work, like the Cask of Amontillado, had a sort of morbid vailidity behind it. (or) I saw that horror movie, Final Destination, and it seemed that most of the killings were done to shock people, it lacked morbid validity compared to a movie like Silence of the Lambs.
by MillsFokk August 16, 2009
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a really cool Death Metal band from Vancouver Canada.
by METALDUDE123456 December 12, 2008
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Easy, cringe content and compilations that centre in one person or one group of people, making more than 24 hours talking about the cringe of somebody, its an obsession.
The morbid cringe obsesion with Cristhian Weston. Nothing good came out of there, you see?
by shut tf up May 10, 2020
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An obsessive and addictive contemptuous fascination with a particular person or group.
Person 1: Look at this person just existing, that's so cringe, let's make fun of them for years and make a wiki about their entire life.

Person 2: That's morbid cringe
by bistchasz May 10, 2020
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