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A more common last name than people think. One does not have to look hispanic to have this last name. No, it is not Sand(pause pause pause) Oval. It's one word. Do not call one with this name an Oval in the Sand.
John: Hi Ms. Sand-Oval how are you today?

Ms.Sandoval: *Slap* Boy shut you mouth and learn English.
by VampAtDawn March 06, 2009
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A hipster Italian. He is really tall, has blonde hair and blue eyes. He can be seen usually sporting tight jeans and loose shirts and rides fixies and plays soccer like any other Italian. He's always eating like a fatass. Is very good looking. Is a heart throb at school and can sing very well actually. He always has his camera around his neck, he take photographs all the time. His mom is really hot. He drives a nice car. One of the richest kids at school next to Ari Simmons and Renee Guardado. Sandoval is very nice to most people, except Aziza because he is being a dick to her for something she did a year ago. So I guess he holds grudges. He is almost always on the mound with his other white hipsterfriends. Sandoval can say things like "Fool" or "Nigga" or "baby gurl" and get away with it, because he isn't caucasian he is European, and being European I know how cool we are. Sandoval is lame because he does not drink or smoke. He always dates the prettiest girls, which all say he is good in bed, but we can't know for sure. His close friends call him Sandy. He is always listening to music, if you're close enough to him during passing period you'll hear it is usually Rap.
"Damn did you see Sandoval on the mound with all the pretty girls?"

"Of course, Sandoval always gets the hot chicks."

"Dude Sandoval's pants are a little too tight today"
by jmhs_gossip April 21, 2010
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Pronounced ( San-dough-Val)

Sandoval is the adjective used to describe the sound of a machine failing to operate properly or stuttering during speech. Such as a motor puttering or stalling out.
Example 1:

"Why does you car sound like that?"
"Oh it's just sandovaling. Probably the battery"
Example 2:

"Is that guy having a stroke?"
"No that's just Sandoval talking"
by Themotorpool November 14, 2016
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