A genre of music that is often found to be hard to describe. Morbid rock generaly means hard rock music with with dark/morbid lyrics.

Black metal and Heavy metal are often considered to be in the morbid rock genre.

Many songs with tragic/morbid lyrics, from techno to general rock, are often gave the title of "morbid rock".
"One of my favorite genres of music is Morbid rock"
by Jessica T July 25, 2005
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when a person is so overweight that their life is endangered. when celulite is eating away at the muscle tissue and turning it into a jelly like substance forming the look of lumpy gravy under the skin.
she will die from her morbid obesity
by pusssypolice August 16, 2011
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Horror rap band, coming from Colchester in the United Kingdom. They consist of Killa Kamm and Don Giovanni. They both come from two different backgrounds with Kamm being mexican and Giovanni being italian. The recently recorded the album Rap(e) on their self labeled "Autopsy Records" company built out the basement of Gio's house.
"Killa Kamm, perverted and deadly. The hatchet is my only remedy I hold it high, I might as well, gonna send this motherfucker to the depths of hell"
- Hallowicked by Morbid Mafia
by Mr. slice 'n dice. November 25, 2007
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a cool ass guy whose real name is mike rosenbloom and he goes to srchs.he loves ribs and his freinds a f*cking awesome.
YO! did u see morbid mike?hes so fucking cool!
by alabo October 23, 2006
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Morbid Humor is a vehicle for feeling better about oneself or a situation when feeling bad appears like the only option left. It is used as an alternative to self loathing or feeling hopeless or the expression of other emotions one does not wish to acknowledge one has. Applying morbid humor requires the user to secretly know that what is being expressed is not really true while acting as if the expression is true.
While driving my morbid humor, I apparently hit my mother while she was crossing the street. She didn't suffer even one broken bone. She didn't even break her fingernail, even though she stopped applying acrylic to them months ago. She could have at least scratched the polish, for goodness sake.
by Leaving the Past behind March 24, 2014
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1. A craddle robbing hoe
2. usually has a big gap
3. doesn't brush teeth
4. sceenie weenie
5. ugly
"Ew dude, did you go out with a Mat Morbid chick?!"
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