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A mopper is a guy with a long hair. The length can vary from just below the ears down to the shoulders.
Jack is a fit mopper
by mopperluver August 10, 2005
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Derived from the word, mop; an acronym for "mother on period" or "mother opposing population".

A woman, usually a soccer mom who's very controlling and goes around telling people how to live their lives. This type of person usually starts or gets involved in an organization to stop children unrelated to her or her family from doing or enjoying things that she opposes. Usually these women are obese and care little about their own children. They tend to use the television as an electronic babysitter as they go on rallies to stop other children from enjoying life, because of slight health, or mental risks associated with that enjoyment.

These are the people that go into schools and tell the board to change the school lunches, when they can easily pack a bag lunch for their children, instead of making other children suffer. Also, they will protest schools about soda machines. And explain how soda is "bad" for children.

They can come in packs. Such as friends they gossip about other people with, or friends they share turkey bacon recipes with.

These women tend to also drag their husbands into whatever they do.
Jerry: Damnit, where is my mom?

Rob: Isn't she at that Parents Against Television rally?

Jerry: Oh yeah. Now I am getting beat up in school, and my mom is never there for me. Why does my mom have to be such a controlling mopper?

Rob: Maybe you should quit soccer.
by Ekig March 19, 2010
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A person playing an FPS (First Player Shooter) and finishes off your opponent after you had killed him more than half way.
(Me)Dude! That mother fucker keeps mopping my Kills!
(Hassinator) Yeah bro his killing blows are through the roof!
(Me) I know, i hate a Mopper.
by Onomitoe January 11, 2010
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someone who is a total loser - short for jizz mopper - a.k.a. the guy who cleans up at strip clubs.
That guy at the bar last night was such a mopper.
by Dave November 30, 2003
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