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What a teacher says in an attempt to get students who have questions to open up. This really does the opposite -- none of the students had the time to come up with a question in the first place, and then when they do come up with a question, they don't ask it because they 'should have asked when it was question time.'
Teacher: There is a fiction assignment you guys will be starting soon, and it'll be due on the 25th. There will be several writing workshops so each of you can get with your partners and read your own stories to each-other. Bring four copies of your first draft this Thursday, you're aiming for 300-400 words, and then hopefully you guys can have a good time bouncing suggestions off of each other. Any questions?
Class: *silence*
Teacher: Alright, class is dismissed. Have a good afternoon.
by Helispark September 22, 2019
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A tower defense mobile game with gachapon elements. You are the commander of an army of cat-faced beings in a cartoon world who is waging a world war. Aesthetics are a nice combination of cute and creepy.
The Battle Cats is like a simulation of how chaotic and unforgiving war is.
by Helispark April 6, 2019
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One of the fighters in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. They were introduced in the SSB4 and have returned in Ultimate along with their friends the Mii Brawler and the Mii Swordfighter.

In all of the games it appears in, Mii Gunner is typically considered a low-tier by competitive Smash players, but it can be hilarious to see these online because of how bizarre they can look.
The amount of Mii Gunner mains has risen by a lot in the last few days because a costume of Sans from Undertale can now be purchased for the Mii Gunner.
by Helispark September 6, 2019
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Parents buy these games for their children because the box cover looks innocent and the ESRB rating is an E10+ at best. But if the kids play to the very end, they'll have nightmares for weeks.
Kirby games are horror games in disguise
by Helispark November 7, 2019
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The moon is super shy. They only look us in the eyes once a month. But when the moon looks at us, they give us their happiest smile and they are the brightest face in the night sky. Almost impossible not to notice them when this happens.

Maybe the reason why the Moon hesitates to look at us is because they see all the awesome stuff happening in our civilization and they feel inferior?
*people arguing*
Person A: Hey look, the moon's out!
Person B: Cool.
by Helispark November 2, 2019
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A type of strategy game where the death of an NPC is perfectly normal and might even be part of the plan.
In battle simulators, you control when and where your units are deployed, and your AI opponent does the same. Once a unit is deployed, it goes completely automatic - it'll target an enemy, approach that enemy and attack the enemy if it is within attack range. If it survives, it will go on to target a new enemy, and the process repeats. Basically everyone is a mindless killing machine who always fights to the death!
I mean, battle simulators will never provide a good representation of war in real life, unless nations start using robots to fight each other.
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a great battle simulator to pick up for PC. And if you want a free battle simulator for mobile, I would really recommend The Battle Cats. In both games, every character moves and attacks differently, and the fights are weird and wacky and very enjoyable.
by Helispark November 2, 2019
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