If someone is in possesion of something you really want, you moofie it and its yours to keep.. no if ands or buts.
Lauren: yo let me get that lighter
Caitlin: here ya go (hands her the lighter)
Caitlin: aw man =(
by PMafia June 16, 2006
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A little bit of meek and a whole lot of goofy.
The coolest person you will ever know.
Much cooler than meek.
by Miss New Booty March 16, 2006
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a sociopath who will sleep with anyone, then either start drama with you, act like she's known you for your whole life, or absolutely hate you afterwards. Talks to your friends and boyfriends, but talks shit about you after being super nice to your face
"Dude, don't bother, she's a total Moofy"

"Yea, I hit that, and now she's being a total Moofy"
by poopeater34354364567 August 26, 2011
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