A county in Maryland that is located towards the northern border of DC. Areas such as Potomac, Damascus, Olney, Chevy Chase and Bethesda are very affluent. Areas like Rockville, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Wheaton and Silver Spring descend in such wealth in that order. Montgomery County is very liberal and is known to have one of the best school systems in the United States. Montgomery county has a lot of power, wealth, diversity, drugs, and alcohol. A majority of "MoCo" is middle class and has a very prominent Black population and an increasing Hispanic population as well.
Shaniqua- JFK High School: "Another kid got stabbed at school today"
Deborah- Churchill High School: "At least you didn't spill caviar on your Gucci Bag!"
Jose-Magruder High School: Que? No entiendo tus english. Yo voy al Magruder. Nosotros no espeak englis thur.
Cindy- What you all live in Montgomery County? And you all live 10 minutes from each other?
by Ali C0 May 20, 2007
usually rich upper class families make up this sophisticated part of maryland... some lower class parts are included, but only to keep it "diverse." schools such as whitman, churchill, and WJ are prime examples of the type of people in moco.
by helgaaa June 12, 2005
A county in Maryland in the DC metro area where you can have the CEO of a multi billion dollar company living in a super wealthy neighborhood 5 minutes from a construction worker living in a working class neighborhood. Areas like Potomac, Bethesda, Chevy Chase etc are extremely wealthy and if you happen to be normal middle class renting a house in one of those areas then I feel sorry for you because you will feel overwhelmed. Areas like Kensington, Germantown, Rockville etc are more standard middle class and areas like Wheaton and Silver Spring are on the lower middle class-lower class end. This doesn't say that there isn't someone living in Potomac who might be lower middle class somehow or that there aren't people in silver spring who are relatively affluent. Many kids though in the richer areas have a fucked view on things because they go to places like Wheaton and shit themselves when really I honestly think it's ok there because I moved to Moco 4 years ago and had spent my childhood in an apartment in a working class neighborhood. Anyway the county is very diverse and you will find everything here.
Potomac guy: I had such a hard day omg I went to Wheaton fucking ghetto holy shit it was scary af bro!!

Kensignton guy: your life is fucked. Fucking Montgomery County
by moconahhh July 12, 2013
A county in Maryland located in close proximity to Washington, D.C. and serves as it's suburbia.
Montgomery County has consistently been ranked one of the richest counties in the Country and it's wealth can be seen by taking a drive; million (usually several million) dollar homes are prevalent throughout the county. It isn't unusual to drive past a high school and see BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, and Audis parked in the student lot.

The girls in Montgomery County are some of the most beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated women mostly due to the face that their parents typically hold high-power jobs or are involved in politics.

Montgomery County is beautiful, affluent, and elitist so don't expect to receive a warm welcome if you have moved in from out of state - the residents are all rich and powerful and they know it.
Wow, that girl must be from Montgomery County, she got a full scholarship to Georgetown and just got a boob job.
by GTownLax85 November 4, 2010
County in Maryland just northwest of the DC border. While the majority of residents are middle or lower class (i.e. Silver Spring or ), such a fantastic ammount of wealth is crammed into Potomac, North Potomac, and Rockville, that the overall average wealth for the county is near the top for the state.
Did you know Mike Tyson owns a house in Potomac, in Montgomery County?
That girl looks rich, she must be from the wealthy part of Montgomery County
by Señor C May 14, 2006
A very rich preppy county in maryland where some perople try to act ghetto but it doesn't work. Best school system in the US.
That girl is so rich. Yeah, she must be from MoCo.
by Ethan Miller August 15, 2005
One of the richest counties in the country. The amount of wealth in this county (including Howard) makes Maryland one of the richest states in the country as well. Home to the white, rich, preps, country clubs, yacht clubs, beautiful beaches, politicians and mult-million business owners. Has the best school system in the nation, and very high test scores. Parents mostly put their kids in the prep schools but the public schools resemble so much of the prep schools you cant tell the difference. Most residents are politicians, CEO's, lawyers or doctors.
Person from Potomac: Just bought this 500 dollar dress from Lilly Pulitzer! Isn't it cute?
Person from Bethesda: Omg, yes! I splurged this weekend at vineyard vines and polo. I feel like shopping more...lets go to tysons?
Person from Chevy Chase: Yeah, lets take my rolls royce.
Person from Silver Spring: I only make 180,000 a month.
Everyone in Montgomery County: Ew you're pooooooooor
by yuppiesrule October 17, 2013