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A county in Maryland in the DC metro area where you can have the CEO of a multi billion dollar company living in a super wealthy neighborhood 5 minutes from a construction worker living in a working class neighborhood. Areas like Potomac, Bethesda, Chevy Chase etc are extremely wealthy and if you happen to be normal middle class renting a house in one of those areas then I feel sorry for you because you will feel overwhelmed. Areas like Kensington, Germantown, Rockville etc are more standard middle class and areas like Wheaton and Silver Spring are on the lower middle class-lower class end. This doesn't say that there isn't someone living in Potomac who might be lower middle class somehow or that there aren't people in silver spring who are relatively affluent. Many kids though in the richer areas have a fucked view on things because they go to places like Wheaton and shit themselves when really I honestly think it's ok there because I moved to Moco 4 years ago and had spent my childhood in an apartment in a working class neighborhood. Anyway the county is very diverse and you will find everything here.
Potomac guy: I had such a hard day omg I went to Wheaton fucking ghetto holy shit it was scary af bro!!

Kensignton guy: your life is fucked. Fucking Montgomery County
by moconahhh July 12, 2013

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One who excells far ahead in school but is rather stupid in the sense that they are close minded and not tolerant of people different than themselves. They often see themselves as better than many other people and judge people solely on their academic achievements and not on their personality or moral values.

The opposite of this is a dumb genius. One who does not do well in school but is very street smart and if he put in effort would do well in school as well.
Guy 1: hey I got an 85 on that paper man it's not too bad what about you?

Guy 2: I got a 96. You're a fucking retard.

Guy 1: at least I'm not a smart idiot
by moconahhh June 12, 2013

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The northern borrough of NYC, the only borrough on the mainland. The poorest district in the US.the south is known for being ghetto and it is but it also includes middle and working class parts along with upper middle class places like Riverdale and fieldston. Everyone regardless of where they live in the Bronx knows exactly what I mean when I say its the coolest place on earth. Just visit and you'll know what I mean. NYC the best
I lived in an apartment in Morris Park and I moved to Westchester when I was still in 3rd grade. I was lower middle class and had less then most of Westcheter so it pissed me off when kids from Upper middle class areas of the Bronx talk shit.
by moconahhh June 12, 2013

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Good definition:Eastchester is a town in Westchester,NY.It gets hate bc its mainly upper middle class but many of the kids there act hard.There is more hate on ec from the kids there then from kids who dont live there. a good amount of the kids who hate ec seem to be part of the reason for the hate on it.Many of these kids act hard af but their dads drive bmw,cadillacs.Some of these kids come from the Bronx but they come from the one or two upper middle class sections of the BX (Riverdale, parts in country club, etc) which are parts of these places that are like the same as ec (wealth wise)Many of these kids complain about bs there and people being fake but this is a criticism of themseleves or the people they call friends .Its sad because it makes all the kids in ec look like fucks.most of the kids are pretty rich but there are also some kids who arent wealthy and do live in the smaller houses and few apartments of Eastchester.These kids arent as wealthy and they are from working to middle class families(I was one of them). These include kids who came from places like the Bronx,Y-O, Mount Vernon (etc), even kids just from ec or Tuckahoe they lived in small houses/apartments(again not bs I'm one of them)ironic as shit tho how these kids dont act as hard and dont bitch about their lives as much as the richer kids.lol.there is no hood in ec but not everyone there is rich and thinks that everything should be given to them. EC is a pretty nice place truthfully
Eastchester kid 1: I'm so fuckin pissed I didn't get a fucking Cadillac for my 16th bday. Wouldn't you be??

Eastchester kid 2: tf?! I'm probably not even gonna get a new car until I can pay for one myself.

Ec kid 1: what are you saying we live in ec don't you have a mansion?

Ec kid 2: Iight bruhh fuckofff
by moconahhh June 09, 2013

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When you are generalized for the town you live in and not for your actual circumstances. Usually very annoying for people who get generalized this way. A lower middle class person may be just able to afford a small apartment or house in a rather affluent area and then they get generalized as rich. Or a rich kid may live in a decent neighborhood of what is considered a bad area. These rich kids usually use this to make themselves seem hard or ghetto while the kids with the opposite problem are tired of the generalizations.
Wealthy kids who happen to live in okay areas of Mount Vernon, parts of the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn are seen as hood but a kid who lives in a one bedroom apartment with his whole family who just happens to live in some wealthier town in Westchester of Long Island is considered soft. town generalization sucks
by moconahhh August 26, 2013

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The county directly north of NYC bordering the Bronx. Westchester only seems as rich as it is because of the half of the towns/villages including Bronxville, Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Rye, Bedford, etc. The other half are mainly middle class but can't help but feel poor when they are always being compared to the places listed above when in fact as someone pointed out these towns would seem wealthy to the rest of the country but in the New York Metro area they are very middle class since the cost of living is so high that everything including income is higher in this area. It is a great place to live because there are many diverse places in WC, like Yonkers, White Plains etc. btw most of Yonkers is very middle class and liveable save the southwest corner which is very much so a ghetto. Also Eastchester is not "super rich" as stated above the median income there is lower than other towns considered "middle class" Hastings, Pleasantville, etc.
I was raised middle class but I felt poor in the town I lived in in upper Westchester.
by moconahhh August 05, 2013

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When people are able to live the life of people in a certain social class that they them selves do not necessarily fit into .
Guy 1: Look at Bill, he's rich, he lives in the suburbs, has 2 cars, goes to private school, and vacations on the beach.

Guy 2: I've known Bill since he was 5. He used to live in an apartment until he was 7, when he moved to the suburbs he bought the smallest house that he could barely afford. He couldn't even afford cable tv or a DVD player as a kid. The cars he has are both Hondas which are about 8 years old. His family takes one vacation a year, they have 5 people in their house and he goes to private school and a shit amount of financial aid. He's living a complete social class illusion. He's middle class.
by moconahhh June 27, 2013

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