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Short for whisper job. When you are getting a BJ from a hooker and she tells you she's running out of time so you need to pick up the pace. You then proceed to give yourself an HJ while she whispers sweet nothings into your ear to speed up the process. A step higher than an RJ or an HJ.
-Hey Cuso, how did it go with that hooker?
-It was amazing man! I was getting some head but I couldn't blow my load, so she switched over to a WJ. I nutted the second she asked if I wanted to bleep her!
-Atta boy!
by Cuso_PI November 08, 2010
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when you stick your cock in a subwoofer while playing nig beats and while receiving a rim job from a female specimen equalling the ultimate orgasm
--Right round comes on--
female:stick your cock in that subwoofer
me:ok lick my asshole
female:ok you know that will equal the ultimate orgasm, right?
me: yes get ready to drown
--1 minute later, room filled with cum, world now exposed to power of wj--
by PCI Trojans February 14, 2009
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1. pure evil incarnate.
2. destroyer of idiots with big mouths but no balls.
3. enslaver of #animegamer
wj smiles evily as he bans gene_starwind again and again
by animegamer June 05, 2003
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Stands for Work Job, commonly shortened to Dub J. Sexual act using only common office supplies, notably a hole punch and a medium to large piece of string. A hole is punched through the scrotum, and the piece of string is tied through the ballsac. The male is then led around the office. It is very important that the man does not ejaculate. This totally fucking ruins the purpose of the WJ. If you wanna come, get a hand job you faggot.
I was feeling frisky today at the office so I asked Marianne to give me a WJ. I can no longer have children, but it was fuckin sweet!
by Duce Duce Weezy November 01, 2008
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The act of fucking a person in a recently, fresh wound after stabbing and or shooting the victim.
I stabbed her and then had my way with her during a "WJ."
by BickusDickus April 12, 2011
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