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v. to light a cigarette with one that is already burning. (I take issue with the other definition because it does not use the phrase verbally)
by Shabba December 17, 2004
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To light your cigarette (smoke) from another persons cigarette - usually from a close friend or family member. This is only carried out when a lighter is not immediately available.
Sharon I need to Monkey Fuck your smoke as I can't find the lighter.
by lochon October 25, 2009
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A sexual position where the human with the dick(the monkey fucker) stands on two feet bent over the woman's backside, entering her from behind.

WARNING: this position has a tendancy to create a loud clapping sound. "CLAP CLAP I AM THE MONKEY FUCKER" Assparade, download the movie "Ride 'em Cowgirl"

Then fast forward to 33m 55s. The MONKEY FUCKER is in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

by MATT MATT THE BUTT PUNISHER February 05, 2007
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