Word for some kind of shady activity.
"Those dogs have some serious monkey business going on." -Dude witnessing a nearby drug deal.
by osmo2 January 19, 2004
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Monkey business describes an activity where one is up to no good, but is not doing anything too harmful. Monkey business does not cause you to get arrested but will provide a good laugh. From prank phone calls to leaving rare pepes on your friend's doorstep, monkey business is a great sleepover activity for all to enjoy!
Cindy Robes: What's the plan for Saturday night??
Mark Icecreambars: Shit's going down at Jon's place!
Jon Earwig: Yeah, we're gonna do some real monkey business!
by craZy chRi$ September 2, 2015
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1. comically functioning with little or no reason
That worker is all monkey business.
by Neviar September 29, 2003
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Selling apes, gorillas, or chimpanzees for profit.
Mark made a killing with his new monkey business, they are going for $1000 bucks a pop!
by Preesty May 4, 2007
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Monkey Business, business run by monkeys.

The term derives from ancient civilization (300,000 B.C.) when monkeys ruled the earth. They created a social climate that consisted of a modern day government system. The civilization was ran by a Democracy with voting and and various taxes. To combat the taxes put into place by the tyrannical government, many monkeys band together to create a trade system to raise enough money (currency consisted of various s types of bananas,) to pay the taxes put in place by the Government. The Term 'monkey business,' was a derogatory term used by the higher class of monkeys to shame the working class of monkeys who ran the economy.
"Damn this business is monkey business"
by ddubsstarr February 10, 2022
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Alright folks. Givin' somebody monkey business, is when you're having sex them with using an unpeeled bannana, and then proceed to poo in your hand and fling it at the person's face.
Dude your mom was being a whore last night after i suprised her with some monkey business.
by Zack Connolly July 10, 2005
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It means all of the following: crazy shit, being shady, lies. You tend to use the term casually.
Girl: Can you let me borrow some cash? I'll pay you next week.

Dude: I don't think so, that sounds like monkey business.
by Lucifer firefly February 26, 2012
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