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Robes is a definition that has to do at the end of a comment that either makes no sense or has nothing to do with anything said before that. It also is used at some graduations in the North East where children scream robes as a symbol of graduation. It is used in high school and middle school.
Matt- So anyway my cousin steamrolled her li-
Collin- I just met the police cheif guys!
Chris-Graduation day!
Alex- Finally!
Drew- Robes!
by FriedDawgs14 June 22, 2010
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Wrongly used as an alternative to dressing gown by Americans, a fancier version of a dressing gown mainly worn by the upper class
Whilst staying at the playboy mansion I received a free robe to wear there
by delahunty1000 May 19, 2015
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a single pill containing dxm, robes (plural) robing(verb)
short for robo-tripping popularized in the 70's using robitussin cm, induces heavy disassociative feeling over the body as well as mild/heavy hallucinations. dj screw coined the term 'screw attack' for music in his set designed for robers. (dj screw died; i believe of an overdose, ...some example)
i ate some robes, i was robeing, that kid is a rober
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
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