a lil tricklet who looks like a monkey and buys people shit
this girl who be fuckin with joe is a monkey bitch
by yadig May 18, 2008
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a person who is just a plain out bitch and needs to be bossed around...kind of like a monkey in a cage
"dude what the hell are you doing over there?"
"that kid is such a monkey bitch."
by Chase Manley May 31, 2007
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Jumps to every branch of a family tree. Basically wants those genes but needs somebody to fuck up.
Oh is it odd that me and all my cuzins fucked that monkey bitch?
by Teddy Bear Gangsta March 04, 2009
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A female less than 5 ft tall who likes to put down a man And Bitch when there is a audience around, like monkeys put on a show at the Zoo when the crowd gathers.
My neighbors wife is a real monkey bitch, she follows him around and bitch about everthing, she would`t shut the fuck up.
by eddieboy1 400 February 13, 2010
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A girl who not only has at least three stray hairs on her chest, but also demonstrates anti-social behavior.
Wow, Carol, that monkey bitch, just called Ted an asshole, then slapped him with her hair-ridden paw.
by Teddie K April 05, 2008
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an extremly ugly chick. Ugly includes, fat, dismembered, deformed, dykish, smelly, hairy, anorexic, and also face beat in with a shovel(such as paris hilton)
That retarded hoe looks like a SHIT FACED MONKEY BITCH!
by Billy Bob RAy Hiizzle November 18, 2005
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