An adjective describing the feeling of Monday. Usually gloomy, slow, or a cranky feeling. The emotions you feel about starting the week and having to survive until the weekend.
I know today is going to be a bad day because I already feel Monday.
by Keebord October 04, 2010
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a synonym for pakis and other western asian types, such as the turks, the indians, afgans and all them other smelly cunts
fletch: i fucking hate mondays
taxi driver: yeh me too, ballache init
fletch: yeh they fucking stink, everywhere you fucking look theres one there with there beady little eyes, and smelly turbans

ghandi: if theres a monday infront of me in the queue, i cant help but feel i should be infront of them.
by swellhead1118 July 14, 2010
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A man who always gets off early during sex. Why? Because "Monday always comes too soon".
Rick's a great boyfriend, but sadly he's a Monday in bed.
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by Scrambly March 21, 2017
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The worst fucking day of the week. It should go crawl in a corner and kill itself.
Fuck! It's monday..
by The What Race Am I? Guy March 28, 2015
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The worst day of the week, statistics show that more suicides are committed on Monday than any other day of the week. Basically a hangover to the weekend, you will always feel at least 10x more tired on Monday than any other day.
Person 1: "You seem miserable"
Person 2: "It's Monday, what do you expect?!"
Person 1: "Touché"
by MrJonesAndMe April 23, 2012
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Means whatever you want it to mean, also depends in what context you say it in
1:your a waste-man
2:Wow, i beg you stop acting like a 'monday'

1:Check your mum bruv
2:OMG your a butterz little 'monday'

2:Just 'monday'
by Scille September 19, 2008
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(University setting) the first time a class will meet next week, whether or not that is actually Monday.
Monday we will begin reviewing for our test.
by Dictionary Nerd June 05, 2009
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