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when you or someone you know can't do something because of your mother stopping you. she's all up in your face and you just don't want to deal with it so you take it.
-argument between a child and his mother
Mark: hey man so what's going on tonight?
Dom: sorry man can't come out tonight, i got some momma drama to deal with.
Mark: For serious? yo i had some crazy momma drama last week she was all up in my face and i was like whaaaaat?
Dom: ...i need some new friends
by colours91 November 29, 2010
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The stress and anxiety caused by one’s mother when she tries to manipulate others to get her way. Usually associated with mothers who are controlling.
SB – My mom is trying to make me feel guilty about not coming to see her!

FT – Sounds like you are dealing with Momma Drama!
by A pimp and his hoordinator March 14, 2009
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