Slang used by Asians to describe the white man or Americans.
You want sweet & sour pork? Silly round-eye!
by Rob April 22, 2003
What a chopstick Chan would call a cheese-eating charlie.
Hey ROUNDEYE! you wanna sum chickity china the chinese chicken?
by Wil CRaig July 16, 2003
Slang invented by GIs during the Korean War and later popularized by Hollywood as a slang used by Asians and Asian Americans to describe the "white man" or Americans of European racial background. The claim that Asians or Asian Americans use this slang to refer to "white" folks is completely without merit. This slang is primarily used by White Americans and never by Asian Americans.

Hey, I bet those Asian girls will go out with us round eyes.
by SamL December 29, 2007
Cracker ass mother fucker that doesn't know I'm insulting his stupid ass.
by Hung Lo September 4, 2003
butt hole, anus, pooper, ass hole, brown eye, hard hold
I want to stick it in her round eye
by August 24, 2007
a term for people with non-asian type eyes used primarily by asians on the internet game counter strike.
aznpunkkilla: omg round-eye open ur eyez and shoot
n00b: omg you are t3h hackin...!!11
by PlayDohMan June 13, 2006
Americanized Chinese Food. Usually just referred to as Chinese Food but sometimes the distinction needs bring back some actual Chinese food back. Usually used when an ethnically Chinese person is buying food for other people.
Person 1: WTF is this!
Chinese Guy: Balut
Person 1: Yo I thought you were just gonna get us some round eye not actual Chinese.
by Selaney March 20, 2021