Some guy's real name. It's a valid string for a man of an Arabian/Middle Eastern name, having the first name Mohammed, the middle name Mohammed, and the surname (last name) Mohammed. Also the most popular boys name in the entire world when you use the first name only. Mohammed M. Mohammed would be the way to say it with the middle initial.
I met this 3-1/2 foot tall guy with a black beard and turban who calls himself Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed and I picked him up, cuddled him in my arms and felt the wiry hairs on his chin.
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A Mohamed is a born leader. He is a hard worker. A family man. He is a good person who wants to help others. He would give the shirt off his back for someone in need. He is brave and strong. Mohamed has an alfa personality. At times he second guesses himself but overall displays confidence. Someone named Mohamed is someone you want to have around when times get hard, he is a save the day kinda guy!
"Who was that guy who handed the homeless man a meal?"

"Ohh, that's just Mohamed"
by Jenyou January 24, 2021
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A gentleman , who's unique . . Once he loves, he loves with his all with no doubt . He would risk his life for you. He has an amazing personality with the most loving heart ever . He'll always be your shoulder to cry on and your extra ear to listen no matter what. He would never judge you . And his the super hero every girl would love to have .
Mohammed is a kind and generous gentleman
by Limyy January 29, 2018
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Mohamed is the cutest and funniest boy u will meet. He talks to u 24/7 and will make u the luckiest chick on this planet! Mohamed's are usally tall and fit so make sure u keep him!
OMG! Hes walking this way

Bro he looks so cool!
Mohamed is a cutie!
by January 15, 2018
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Someone smart and powerful Its also the name of the last prophet
hey that guy scored 100% in the exam no wonder his name is Mohammed
by Egyptian December 30, 2017
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A style of music characterized by a droning alternative chord progression accompanied typically with a low male singing voice and lyrics concerning loss and heartbreak.
man that was some awful moham, but i kinda wanna hear some mo' moham

creed is so moham, they could have a moham orgy wtih three doors down, pearl jam and staind
by narmak April 10, 2011
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This is a person that sometimes cares but sometimes dosen't give a fuck, He loves to draw and listen to music and build and program. He loves people that love him, If your nice he will be nice. If your an ass, you better run!! He ain't all that, he don't act all that. People treat him like shit, but he ignores them. Mohamed is a funny person he makes alot of people laugh and sometimes cry by hurting their poor feelings, but he always says "don't be a bitch and i wont be one" THATS THE TOP DEFENITION
by zachoryy April 2, 2018
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