Plural form of moggie or moggy. More than one set of female genitalia.
"Check out the moggies on them" (said whilst pointing to a group of drunken slappers clad in very short skirts)
by Sweetie Pie February 01, 2005
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Another name for the female vaginal area. Used in the same terms as pussy, cunt, quim!
I shoved my cock up her wet moggy!
by TMocnciann May 18, 2005
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When something is wet, moldy and soggy. A phrase from the language of Lenique; a dialect of basic Guyanese culture.
Look at 'er shirt, all stink and MOGGY! Just a whole lotta moggy naastiness goin' on there.
by Candid_bk August 11, 2016
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From the meaning of a common cat, also meaning the same as minger.
Thus being that they look like one hell of a ugly mo-fo that they need there head sorting with a large metal bat or try on a paper bag on there head.:P
Moggy: Woo im one sexy beast!

Random on street: No way mate, you are a right moggy!

Moggy: Like the cat?

Random on street: No, your the bloke that feel from the ugly tree and then got beaten up my a mass of cats..then got crabs.
by Fuzzy Hamster June 16, 2007
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The nickname that was given to the future British Prime Minister Jacob Ress-Mogg by his supporters.
Moggy, Moggy, Moggy, In, In, In
by roy_smith August 13, 2017
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Moggy is to be in a state of absolute embarrassment or to look unpleasant. Also can be described as disgustingly good. Moggy can be a good thing or a bad thing it really just depends what mood your in.
Straun's chippy tea looked so moggy.

Bryan and Frank got so moggy last night in wee booms.

Muzz that pow tshirt is so moggy.
by Moggybball June 11, 2017
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