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A cat (esp. in UK or Australia); generally equivalent to Am. term "mutt"
I ran over the stupid moggie backing up my car.
by Don Tedesco August 22, 2002
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An older version of a cougar, a woman over 60 on the prowl for a younger man.
From behind they look like a cougar, from the front looks like they have mange.
Kaye: is that a couple of cougars on the prowl

Tim: nah love that's a pack of moggies!
by Kaye tim August 11, 2018
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Affectionate term of a Morris motor vehicle.

Particularly applied to Morris Minor saloons (Moggie Minors), Morris Travellers (referred to in the US as Woodies) - (Moggie Travellers) as well as Morris Minor Convertibles /1000s /Vans /Pick-ups.

The practical Moggie minor range were produced between 1948-71 with many still in daily use today. Travellers are particuarly sought after in original form through to the 320 bhp conversions.
"Did you know in the antipodes the Moggie (Minor) is nicknamed the Morrie?"

"No, but I've heard then referred to as Mowogs from the parts name"
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
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A polite and affectionate name for a woman’s genitalia.
That girl has a very nice moggie I’d love to stroke it/feed it some hot beef sausage* (*delete as applicable)
by Lum Lum January 24, 2005
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What Cat Enthusiasts* call Cats in a vain attempt to humanize them.

*Lonely lonely people, a cat cannot fill the void. Admit it, you want a child.
"I don't even want children, my Moggies and I are perfectly happy, sure I cry a lot, and i hate when people talk about marriage, but I'm happy with myself and that's all that matters"
by Happelshmatz August 11, 2005
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