A man of East Asian ancestral descent. They are often overlooked in favor of Asian Girls by horny douchebags.

Contrary to retarded stereotypes, as long as you're a good person, they generally make good friends/mates. Most of them are used to horny douchebags trying to befriend them simply to date their sisters, so they will be wary at first.

Compatible with well-founded stereotypes, they typically try to excel at whatever they're doing, whether it's school, sports, music, games, or computers.
UrbanDictionary has tons of words and definitions for Asian Girl, but few for Asian Guy.

Asian Girls really are the best, but give the Asian Guy some fucking credit for making them.
by NotMe11443611242639 September 22, 2014
There are a lot of them, and you'll find them as frequently as ugly caucasian men, ugly African men, or ugly blue, orange and green men!

Stereotypes and prejudice should not exist anymore.
So shut it.
White guy: Hey look, that is a really ugly Asian guy!

Me: I could say the same of you, buddy.
by TerriGenus November 13, 2010
Fat Asian Guy - F.A.G. - Also known as FAD (F.A.D. - Fat Asian Dude), used frequently in asian music videos, depicting a man in his early 20's leading a useless life, becoming a burden to people, or getting dumped.
The expression can be used to describe such people, even if said people is not of Asian birth!

*Discriminatory not intended*
Sometimes I could use a Fat Asian Guy, like when you have to get away from somewhere you can block the way with them! At least that way they could be useful for once!
by Worfeed September 25, 2010
A man who does not exist. It will never exist. Unless you are in a dream. So good luck to all the ladies.
Girl-Senpai: I want to marry a six foot Asian guy.

Guy: You will never find him.
by SenpaiPimp July 30, 2018
dino's asian pizza guy, delivers free cans of coke at 3am for sex.
asian pizza guy: would you like some asian in you?
by Matilda Nine November 21, 2008