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As coined in the 1964 Beatles film "A Hard Day's Night", a cross between a mod and a rocker.
"Are you a mod or a rocker?"
"Well ...I'm a mocker!"
by Isabella June 02, 2005
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noun: breasts on a man; imitation breasts on a man; a synonym for moobs, man-boobs, man-knockers - with the added twist of 'mock' meaning 'to imitate'.
look pon dem mans dem got bare mockers innit.
by 0ad August 26, 2009
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someone who imitates another person's voice or mannerisms,usually done in jest.
Rich Little is one of the best mockers of all time.
by mocker April 02, 2005
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Shoes that are a cross between Mocassins and Loafers.
"Hey are you wearing Sperries? Nah bro, i'm wearing my Mockers."
by DDai November 09, 2009
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(n) When a young man extends the index, middle finger and pinky of his hand in the presence of a naked MILF. He then inserts the index and middle finger in to the "pink" and the pinky finger in to the "stink" of said MILF.
So I was bangin' Sandy's mom last night, and I pulled out and mockered the shit out of her.
by Bennett H September 11, 2006
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shocker for a man:
it's when you make a 'o' shape with your first 3 fingers and your thumb, and have your pinky sticking out.
you then give the penis a handjob like motion with the 'o' shape and pop the pinky in the ass, making a popping sound.
I'm not usually homosexual, but i'd give him the mocker...
by Jabari October 17, 2004
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