'Willson' is an enhanced version of 'Wilson', because of the second L. Where as a 'Wilson' is a straight up G, a 'Willson' is a straight up GH. Which is a whole letter more than a G.
James: Dude, that guy is such a Wilson!
Dave: No way, he's more than that!
James: You mean like a WilLson?
Dave: Fo-shizzle!
by AGuyWithAK May 31, 2009
A name to yell at someone leaving you
by RainAndShine! February 17, 2009
A short plump woman, generally with a piggy nose and blonde hair. An acquired taste.
The "merry-willson" (named after it's discoverers, Dr. Merry and Professor Willson), can often be found troughing around the suburbs of north-west London. Caution is advised when approaching one in the wild.
by bigwizz February 5, 2005
Hannah willson (with two l's) is the hottest bitch alive who has a little soft spot for certain skevs rangas and she is an icon. LOVE HER xoxoxox
"Who's that sexy mama?"
"That's Hannah Willson!!"
a hot man who is a lepruchan and his name is demnzkai on xbox laddies hit him up
levi willson needs a girl
by dasdd June 19, 2022
Stephen Willson is a nowadays adventurer. He was born on November 21st. 1979 in Waseca - Minnesota. Although he is still young he is known by his cultural expedition on Central and South America. Always interested in Art and Cultures, he has been studying them for many years and nowadays he lives in Brasil with his wife, Andrea and his young son João Lee where he continues to study and teach others about the world, Art and the different Cultures.
Stephen Willson
by BrasilCulture October 15, 2011

Only willson has no END

2. A stupid idiot who wanted there name to be put on urban dictionary
Willson :
by Willson :] November 22, 2021