1. A large group of people
2. To move with a group of people
1."Did you see the freakin' mobb at the mall on black friday?
2."We mobbed it to that sucka's house, knocked down his door and smacked his ho in da mouf!"
by logikflux December 31, 2005
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a group of friends as close as family and stick together no matter what
im bouta go kick it wit the mobb'

call up the mobb'

whose out from the mobb'
by charmss March 30, 2010
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1. to move quickly
2. go somewhere
3. to do something in a quick speed
Logan said Brittany and alexis lets go mobb the jacuzzi.
by Brittany Francesconi November 9, 2006
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What'll happen if you walk through the wrong neighborhood
Dat Mutha fucka done got mobbed down by
the tracks.
by Homie da Clown December 17, 2004
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a crew of mexican pizza delivery men in Massachusetts. They also go by the name Plantillas and love to quit skateboarding.
Hi. I'm part of the mobb, please watch our skate video.
by Paul Pube December 27, 2005
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"I was trying to mobb that slut from the bar last night, but but then I passed out"
by Awalrus Mancan February 5, 2010
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M - Money
O - Over
B - Broke
B - Bitchez

Originated in DEO, or Deep East Oakland. Most rappers and inhabitants of Deep east Oakland commonly use the word

It can mean 1 of 2 definitions:

1a: A person might refer to a group of people as "The Mobb", which means that all people in the group believe in Money Over Broke Bitchez.

1b: A person might refer to a group of people as "The Mobb", which could also mean that he is referring to the group as a threat or gang.


The word is MOST commonly used by Border Brothers, or BB's, which is a notorious street gang in DEO. The gang originated in the 900 block (The 90's, anywhere between 90-99th street in East oakland)of East Oakland. The roots of the Border Brothers are on 98th avenue, commonly referred to as 9-8(nine-eight) or 9800, although there are also many of them althroughout the 90's .
I was chillen wit Tha Mobb yesterday...
by Ra$k. August 23, 2010
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