M.O.B is an acronym meaning Master of Blunts. One who is especially skilled in rolling blunts To be more specific an interchangeable letter can be added prior to this acronym for the first initial of whomever is claiming the title.

Note: This is not to be confused with Master of Bears or Money over bitches!!!
Amanda:I suck at rolling this joint

Keith: Want some help, I am the M.O.B.!

Amanda: So you're the infamous K-M.O.B.
by Manddabear February 04, 2010
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when skatboarding,
a semi-sucessful trick
dude A: sweet i landed a heelflip!
dude B: it was mob though, so it dont count
dude A: .....
by juggalo ryda September 04, 2006
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Me and Bobby went to a concert in Valejo, That was a mob from Tacoma.
by CrackizWhack24 January 17, 2012
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