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An incredible machine which included 3 different types of engines. A single turbo 3.0L 7mgte, a twin turbo 2.0L 1G-GTE and a twin turbo 2.5L 1JZ-GTE.
All engines have an incredible amount of strength and potential. Many people achieving 500rwhp and some going as far as 700-800rwhp. These cars are underrated and unappreciated. However, it increases the stealth factor.
The Great Johnny D installed simple bolt on modifications to his MKIII 7M-GTE powered Supra and has embarassed LS1's, NSX's, and Cobras and has spent a mere fraction of the cost of a used Neon. Fstoy pushing 800hp and Mr Neely throwing up 730rwhp are further examples of this amazingly stealth machine :)
by Johnny D January 06, 2005
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Third generation of the Toyota Supra powered by a 7M(GTE) and 1JZ engine between 1986.5 and 1992

Head gasket problems (BHG) were caused by Toyota torque specs being too low along with having a composite head gasket.
Properly built, this car can blow away the competition
by SupraGod January 06, 2005
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Third generation of the Toyotaยฉ Supra. Released in the US. in 1986.5, untill 1991. This model Supra remains the most flexable model to date. With options for a turbo charged inline 6cylinder engine(1987+) it had plenty of power to move the well equiped chassis but heavy chassis. Excellent traction from a independent rear end with one of the only all around SALA modified McPherson strut suspension OEM on a Japanese vehicel. Sale did poorly due to high cost, but it was a revolutionary vehicel for its time, and still remains a very potent condenter in street racing scene.
Base line models were naturally aspirated with a hard top, but still boasted a 200hp power engine and all the amenities of a GT such as Air coditioning, power steering/windows/seats, heated glass & mirrors, 16" wheels.
"Short Arm Long Arm" "Modified McPherson Strut" suspesion was also utilized by Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Reviewed in:

Comsumers Cars Best New Cars of 1989.
"Think of it as a Porsche 928 with a $50,000 rebate.", "Excellent Ride and handling in a sophisticated and powerfull sports car", "The best looking sports car to come from Japan.", and "Comparies well in terms of horsepower.. The best ride comfort in the group" Comapred to the Corvette, Camero, 300Z, and Porsche 944.

Car and Driver April 1989.
"The Supra will impress you as favorably on freeways as it does on two-lane roads." And "Snaky secondary roads can be taken at silky-smooth, highspeed cruise or attacked with full tail-out, junk yard dog abandon."

Motor Trend's 1989 New Car Buyers Guide.
"It weights 300 pounds more than a Corvette yet it feels smaller and lighter. It establishes a 0.87g lateral acceleration, yet it produces a suppleness of ride the Corvette cannot approach."
by DW January 08, 2005
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the mk3 paved the foundation for the mkiv, one of the best generations of the supra, despite the HG problems. The mk3 came out in 1986.5 and in 87 a turbo model came out. on 1989 and prior it had 230hp and 246lb/ft and a redline of 6500(6m) 89 and later had 232hp and 254lb/ft redline of 6250 due do a differant design of crankshaft(7m). IT came with either 7mge/gte in north america, and in japan and around there came with the 1g-gte(2.0 twin turbo) 7mgte(3.0 turbo-a) 2.5 twin turbo. the redline is the lowest on the 7mgte because it has a long stroke
my 1992 toyota supra turbo with a SP63GT, lexus 550cc afm, aem ems, fmic, 2jz intake manifold, bic ddp(custom made), hks super drager, hi flow cat, je .40 over pistons, arp bolts, cunningham rods, clevite 77 bearings, knifed edges on crank, hks stopper type mhg 2.0mm,
by jt2ma71 February 27, 2005
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The third generation Supra following 2 generations of Celicas. The MkI and MkII were Celicas rebadged as Celica Supras.

The MkIII was powered by a 1G, 7M, and 1JZ engine between 1986.5 and 1992 in the United States.
A MkI and a MkII are celicas, but a MkIII is a true supra.
by mb December 08, 2003
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The dumb people above me didnt know what they are talking about,it might have been built like a tank but it came with a powerful engine and parts that, back then, only came on $100,000+ cars and race cars. Parts like the LSD (limited slip diffriential), the TEMS system (Toyota Electronicly Monitoured Suspension), and the array of "go fast" buttons in the cockpit prove this car to be ahead of its time. I bought a 1989 supra and did alot of engine work only because the dumbass before me ran it without oil for a while. Now she runs great and I couldnt be happier.
the 87-92 supra was ranked 47th out of the top 100 sport compact cars by sport compact car magizene,this is what was said "Built like a tank, big as a ship,and one of the quickest cars of its time."october 2004 volume 16 no.10. You cant fight with SCC!
by Jay Dubb February 22, 2005
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MKIII as in Mark three, the third Generation Toyota Supra Of Toyotas A chassis of sport cars. The early models carried the last of Toyotas M family of Inline six the 7M-GE (Non-turbo)and 7M-GTE (Turbo). The M motors and the cars which carried them, stems from Toyotas racing legacy which all began back in 1965 with the introduction of the Toyota 2000 GT, Japans real first Sports Car.

Prior to 1991 Toyota sold the Turbo A supra, which ran the 7M-GTEU motor, a modified version of the standerd 7M-GTE. The Turbo A cars where all black, with the standard "See Saw" rims powder coated Gun Metal. The Turbo A Supras where a Limited Edition model where only 500 were ever where made, the creation of this model was aimed towards Privateer racers who where racing in Grand Touring racers all thru out the world besides North America. Before the Production of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, the Turbo A Supra was the fastest Japanese production car in existence.

The creation of the Nissans Skyline GT-R, opted Toyota to introduce the 1JZ-GTTE Twin Turbo motor. The Supra Turbo R JZA70, as it became to be known, hit the streets to show off toyotas engineering feet of Twin Turbo technology, in hopes of sharing Nissans quest of fighting German Engineering.

Sadly the likes of the 1JZ-GTTE, never came to America. The last models sold in America from 91' to 92'continued to receive the outdated and restricted USDM 7M-GE and 7M-GTE engines.

Today the MKIII, or MA70 as JDM enthusiast like to put it, can be had for $2000-$5000 depending on the condition and mileage. Cars that are bought with over eighty-thousand miles, should have the head gasket replaced with an aftermarket unit and specifically ARP head bolts or studs. As the factory settings of 53psi to bolt down the head isn't up to par for even the mildest drivers.

Long and steady, these cars are fun tuner build ups. Without as much aftermarket support as the MKIV JZA80 supra, E-Bay searches could find an enthusiast rare HKS tuning parts which have been discontinued in Japan for over a decade.

The besides the head gasket troubles, the 7M motor is very sound. The 3000 intake pipe and throttle body may be a hassle for some when it comes to basic maintenence, but all in all these cars where built right.

People who have modified and tune these motors have been know to reach over 600 horse power on the stock bottom and of course with a stronger head gasket with a little bit of work on the top end.
by LimitedSD June 14, 2006
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