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the mk3 paved the foundation for the mkiv, one of the best generations of the supra, despite the HG problems. The mk3 came out in 1986.5 and in 87 a turbo model came out. on 1989 and prior it had 230hp and 246lb/ft and a redline of 6500(6m) 89 and later had 232hp and 254lb/ft redline of 6250 due do a differant design of crankshaft(7m). IT came with either 7mge/gte in north america, and in japan and around there came with the 1g-gte(2.0 twin turbo) 7mgte(3.0 turbo-a) 2.5 twin turbo. the redline is the lowest on the 7mgte because it has a long stroke
my 1992 toyota supra turbo with a SP63GT, lexus 550cc afm, aem ems, fmic, 2jz intake manifold, bic ddp(custom made), hks super drager, hi flow cat, je .40 over pistons, arp bolts, cunningham rods, clevite 77 bearings, knifed edges on crank, hks stopper type mhg 2.0mm,
by jt2ma71 February 27, 2005

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nissans sport car of the 80's and early to mid 90's first started off in 1984(in north america) as the Z31 300zx the turbo version put out 205hp and 224lb-ft, the later years put out alittle more the z32 which is mid to late 89-96 put out 300hp and ran0-60 in 5.3-5 seconds.
Nissan 300zx are good sports car but arnt very good for turboing because only 1 bank of cylinders can power the turbo therefore there will be more turbo lag. inline engines still remain the best for turboing for the most part
by jt2ma71 February 28, 2005

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