MKIII supra after the MKII but before the MKIV. Came with the 7m-ge/gte motor.
The morons above me that blow headgasket can't keep the fucking maintanance up. Those are the same idiots that say......i ran low on oil and now i have a strange knocking sound.. well no fucking shit you dipshits.
by Figgie January 06, 2005
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A vastly overweight, ugly model of the supra, meant to increase appreciation of the MkII and MkIV supras.

Came turbocharged in a somewhat effective method to make up for battleship style weight and bulk.
A MkIII supra is also known as a "piggy"
by dogstar May 26, 2004
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The third version of the Toyota Supra. Similar to the MkII but overweight and handles poorly. Also known as Piggy.
This MkIII sucks, I wish I'd bought a MkII instead.
by Suprasrock May 27, 2004
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