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Crank bugs are not real. Meth user's who are in the advanced stages of meth addiction, feel a tingling sensation on their arms and face and then see hallucinatory bugs and spiders (which really aren't there). They then start digging into and peeling back chunks of their skin and flesh in an attempt to "get at" the little creatures. This creates lots of scabbing, typical on meth addicts. Crank bugs are not your freind. Neither is methamphetamine...Stop using meth!
Man did you see all the scabs on Billy? That dude's been chasing crank bugs big time! I think he needs professional help!
by Johnny D January 31, 2006

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An incredible machine which included 3 different types of engines. A single turbo 3.0L 7mgte, a twin turbo 2.0L 1G-GTE and a twin turbo 2.5L 1JZ-GTE.
All engines have an incredible amount of strength and potential. Many people achieving 500rwhp and some going as far as 700-800rwhp. These cars are underrated and unappreciated. However, it increases the stealth factor.
The Great Johnny D installed simple bolt on modifications to his MKIII 7M-GTE powered Supra and has embarassed LS1's, NSX's, and Cobras and has spent a mere fraction of the cost of a used Neon. Fstoy pushing 800hp and Mr Neely throwing up 730rwhp are further examples of this amazingly stealth machine :)
by Johnny D January 06, 2005

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when two gay men are facing in one direction and the guy behind reaches around and jerks off the guy in front of him
the selfish gay man failed to give a reach- around to his partner
by Johnny D April 05, 2005

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The greatest fucking school on the east coast in sports. Is amazing in sports such as Lacrosse, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, and Track. See us in any sport and we'll hand it to you, a healthy serving of ass whooping with a win to top it off. And for all those fags from Gonzaga, they can all suck on our nuts cause they are just jealous that they can't seem to beat us. Oh and not to ,ention on of the best college prep high schools too.
DeMatha is one damn good high school. Great sports and academics.
by Johnny D March 25, 2005

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A story or an idea that doesn't hold much water
that dudes story was pretty thin yo!
by johnny d January 10, 2005

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hi-heeled platform shoes
Man dog...Did you see that bitch in the black ho stacks? I gotta get me some of that yo!
by Johnny D June 07, 2005

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In gangsta circles, a Little Elvis is a gun, a gat, a piece.
Homey started talkin' way too much smack so I pulled out my Little Elvis and ended the argument
by Johnny D May 16, 2006

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