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In gangsta circles, a Little Elvis is a gun, a gat, a piece.
Homey started talkin' way too much smack so I pulled out my Little Elvis and ended the argument
by Johnny D May 16, 2006
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An incredible machine which included 3 different types of engines. A single turbo 3.0L 7mgte, a twin turbo 2.0L 1G-GTE and a twin turbo 2.5L 1JZ-GTE.
All engines have an incredible amount of strength and potential. Many people achieving 500rwhp and some going as far as 700-800rwhp. These cars are underrated and unappreciated. However, it increases the stealth factor.
The Great Johnny D installed simple bolt on modifications to his MKIII 7M-GTE powered Supra and has embarassed LS1's, NSX's, and Cobras and has spent a mere fraction of the cost of a used Neon. Fstoy pushing 800hp and Mr Neely throwing up 730rwhp are further examples of this amazingly stealth machine :)
by Johnny D January 6, 2005
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This is a term used to describe extremely hot temperatures, usually anything above 100 degrees farenheit. In the 80's, Kenny and his band came out with the song "The Heat is On...On the street"
Dude, It's like Kenny Loggins hot out today!
by Johnny D June 21, 2006
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A woman you marry to get the benefits of marriage from the tax code system.
They were thinking about breaking up when we got together, but since she’s a tax break wife, it just wasn’t economical.
by Johnny D September 23, 2021
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when two gay men are facing in one direction and the guy behind reaches around and jerks off the guy in front of him
the selfish gay man failed to give a reach- around to his partner
by Johnny D April 6, 2005
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Large, bulky, unattractive cotton panties. They are called quitters because when a young man reaches up a young woman's skirt to peel off her panties and stumbles upon these large, bukly, ugly panties, he "quits" his attempt to score a feel.
Dude...Jenny wears quitters. How lame is that?
by Johnny D April 18, 2005
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Indy Face is a condition that arises from the age old practice of inbreeding in midwestern families. The inbreeding, a strict no-no both biologically and morally, causes facial distortions in offspring of brothers and sisters, dad's and daughters that have "done the nasty." Inbred offspring have very distinct, warped facial features not unlike those with down's syndrome. I see a lot of these kinds of people when I visit the midwest annually, mostly at car shows in Indiana.
We were at the car show the other day and saw this family walking around together. Their kid had a major league case of "Indy Face."
by Johnny D February 7, 2006
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